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Page history last edited by Koushik Sen 11 years, 6 months ago
# Date  Lecture  Homework 

Reading Material (Reviews are due 18 hours before lecture.  Reviews

must be emailed to the instructor with the subject prefix [CS294-70])


1 8/29  Introduction    Some directions for writing a review.  Follow the directions in Section 2 of this article


Korat    korat.pdf  
3 9/5  Holiday     
4 9/7  Concolic testing  CUTE Homework (due on 9/22)  dart.pdf cute.pdf  
5 9/12  Data Race detection    hybrid.pdf  
6 9/14  Deadlock Detection    deadlock.pdf  
7 9/19 Systematic Testing of Multithreaded Programs   chess.pdf
8 9/21 Delta Debugging    delta.pdf  
9 9/26 Program Verification    No reading 
10 9/28 Program Verification II and Boogie Homework Boogie Homework (due on 10/7) wpa_unstructured.pdf  
11 10/3 Wrap-up Program Verification and Delta Debugging    No reading 
12 10/5 Program Slicing     dynamic_slicing.pdf programslicing.pdf (optional)
13 10/10 Predicate Abstraction    lazy_abstraction.pdf  
14 10/12 Project Presentation (Problem Statement)     
15 10/17     No reading 
16 10/19 Aurojit Panda    Practical Software Model Checking via Dynamic Interface Reduction 


Philip Wontae Choi    Synergy: A New Algorithm for Property Checking 
18 10/26 Jacob Burnim (special lecture on atomicity)   velodrome.pdf  
19 10/31 Tobias Welp    Compositional Dynamic Test Generation 
20 11/2 Edward Wu    DECKARD: Scalable and Accurate Tree-based Detection of Code Clones 
21 11/7 Jiechao Li    Finding and Understanding Bugs in C Compilers 
22 11/9 Richard Xia    Perturbing Numerical Calculations for Statistical Analysis of Floating-Point Program (In)Stability 
23 11/14 Hoa Long Tam    HAMPI: A Solver For String Constraints 
24 11/16 Philip Reames   A System and Language for Building System-Specific, Static Analyses
25 11/21 Program Analysis via Graph Reachability      tr1386.pdf  (you can skip sections 4.2 and 4.3)
26 11/23 Continuation of last lecture    hind-paste01.pdf  
27 11/28 Final Project Presentation  15 minute presentation + 5 minute Q/A  Wontae, Tobias, Edward, Jiechao
28 11/30 Final Project Presentation  15 minute presentation + 5 minute Q/A  Richard, Hoa Long, Philip 



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